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Terms of Use

General terms of use for 

The website is the official web platform for the products and activities of “MOTOR GALLERY” including it’s pages for the sale of goods.



Private-Trading company

TAX number: 102335900

Address: Vrilissou 19, 11476, Athens Greece


T: (+30) 210 6420962


This website was created to provide information and services to ist visitors

The use of the e-shop  and purchases are determined and governed by the following terms, that visitors should read carefully and make sure they have understood and agreed before using the e-shop. Your navigation on the website declares the acceptence and agreement of the terms and conditions of this website.

“MOTOR GALLERY” reserves the right to modify or change the contents of the website at any time without prior notification. The visitors/users bear the responsibility to check regularly whether these usage terms have been modified if they re-visit the site. “MOTOR GALLERY” notifies users through the current website when there is any change in the transaction terms.

The terms and conditions of using the website, and of the transactions executed through it, do not contradict provisions of the mandatory laws of Greece.


The function, the terms of use and agreements of this website are in the Greek and English language, which you declare to understand (reading and writing) at least one of the two languages.

The e-shop’s usage by minors (under the age of 18 years old)  or persons who lack the ability to conclude any contracts, is strictly forbidden.


Once you make a purchase through our e-shop you declare that you are not under the age of 18 and that you have the ability to conclude contracts.

You are commited that you will not allow the use of your private information and you passwords, from children under the age of 18 and from people that lack the ability to concluse contracts. If such use is made you and only you are responsible.

For this reason we ask you to follow the safety rules for transactions through the web.

If minors (under the age of 18) or people that lack the ability to conclude contracts, make use of the e-shop, with their  own decision , that maybe harmful for them, the owners of this website have no responsibility.


This website is used as it is, without the ability of changes by others. Any Change can only be made by the owners of this website.


Wherever the current website contains links to third party websites,  is not responsible for the contents of those websites, or any harm caused to the user by those sites, since the users access those websites by their own choice and responsibility. The owners of the website bare no responsibility, such as regarding copyright, intellectual and industrial property or any right of third parties.

Visitors are obligated to respect the terms of use of these website and to directly contact their owners for anything that may occur by the use or visit to their website. 


All of the website’s contents (e.g. photographs,  information, articles, data, trademarks, logos, graphics, designs and any other distinguishing characteristics of all digital files in general) constitute the “MOTOR GALLERY” copyright and are protected by Greek, EU and international laws regarding intellectual and industrial property.

This content can not be used, by the users/visitors, (in part or in whole) sold, copied, reproduced, modified, transmitted, published or distributed in any manner or through any means.


Therefore users and visitors , indicatevly and not restrictivly, accept and agree that they will not make use of the current website for any of the following:


a) Users of this website and it’s e-shop accept and are commited that they will not use the e-shop of this website for transmitting, publishing and generaly with any other way transmit illegal, damaging, menacing, racist, insulting, annoying, libellous, slandering, vulgar, immodest, or harmful to minors contents. Such contents are not allowed to be reproduced by legislature.

b) they will not transmit or gain acces to content that  :

  1. insults third parties rights (e.g intellectual and industrial property)

  2. that insults the personality of thiord parties (e.g racist, libellous)

  3. conflicts with the law

  4. harashes with any way the private life and private and social rights of third parties

c) They will not mislead anyone, as for the source of the content of this current website, in order to damage with any means, the fame of the owners or third parties, an expose to danger the safety of their website, to stop any visitor  from accesing thise website or any service that is provided in the the owners website.

d) They are not allowed to intrude and install software viruses or any other kinds of code, files or programs which have been designed with the aim to terminate, cause damage, destroy or disrupt the operation of any computer software or hardware, on purpose or unwittingly, because any such action violates the current Greek and EU legislation. In addition, uses are not allowed, while visiting the current website website, to abuse third parties in any manner, or to use the website in order to collect or save users’ personal data.


Purchases from the e-shop are made through the offical page of PayPal. Transactions are following Paypal’s terms of use. “MOTOR GALLERY” bares no responsibility for any non authorised use or for any safet violation and any damage that may occur from any illegal use of the password from third parties, due to code leak or andy other reason and hold the right of compensation, in case of any damage that may be caused to the owners.


“MOTOR GALLERY” guarantees the quality, completeness and validity of the information provided on its website, as well as the material characteristics of the products on the website and the precision of the details regarding the services provided by the e-shop. In the context of good faith, the Company is not responsible for any mistakes of technical or typographic nature, which may have occurred unwillingly or due to the suspension of the website’s service due to force majeure.

The Company is only liable for significant lack of diligence and guile in the case of delay in delivering ordered products or of information and services it provides itself through its website.
The Company’s e-shop bears no responsibility for any technical issues which the users may face when trying to access the website or during their browsing on it, which are related to the performance or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the website. In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties, and in particular for unfair third party’s interference in the products/services and/or information which are provided through the Company’s e-shop.


For any difference that may occur from the current terms and conditions, compentent authorities are the courts of Athens.

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